2 maj


On Saturday the 2nd of May, Tristan Tucker will be at Ridskolan Strömsholm to give an amazing show full of interesting case studies, cool demos and of course a guest appearance of Brett Kidding!

Every horse can change.

Yes, even the one that spooks at every corner, that horse that can’t load, and the one that has tension at shows.

Every horse can change and learn how to confidently cope with challenges in a relaxed way.With that thought in mind, I created a method to help you teach your horse how to be confident and relaxed.

That was all the way back in 2015: the beginning of a massive adventure that’s grown out into the online training program TRT Method you might know today!

In addition, we started with the TRT Live World Tour to show live cases, answer questions and get in touch with the TRT Community.

Whether you’re an active member or have never heard of TRT before, it’s bound to be an interesting night full of fun and wisdom!

Hope to see you there!

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Våra samarbetspartners

Våra samarbetspartners hjälper oss att utveckla, utbilda och vara ledande inom svensk ridsport.

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